Thank you for looking at computer repair services from Axiam.  Unfortunately at this present time there are a few major issues - firstly during Storm Dennis our property was flooded.  Thankfully the property is alright however it needs to be dried and repaired before we can go back.  During this time we are in temporary accommodation until the property is repaired.

In addition to this we have another problem - we currently have the issue of the Coronavirus outbreak.  As I live with my mum and sister and both are potentially at-risk people then it would be unfair to put them at risk due to computer repair.

So at the present time Axiam PC Repair is not doing any at-home computer repairs until this pandemic subsides.  We are however still willing to take on website designs as long as they can be done virtually either over the phone or by e-mail during this time.

I wish all our customers all the best during these difficult time and look forward to serving you after we've got through it.

Wits End Wizardry

Wits End Wizardry

Wits End Wizardry

Wits End Wizardry is a CIC business in Worcester.  It is based and operated by the Aspie charity in Sansome Walk.  Aspie is a charity that helps people with Aspergers and Wits End Wizardry gives people with Asperger's the opportunity to be involved designing websites.  

I've done a number of web sites myself under both the axiam name and the wits end wizardry name. Some of the larger websites are done through Wits End Wizardry.